[12/7] Preview: Austin Vida presents: Hydra Melody, Distrutalo! & Politics at Frank

As 2012 comes to a close, we wanted to present one more showcase with some of the best Texas-based indie bands we could find. We combed Texas to bring you young Latino indie bands that make us proud of our cultura. In addition to the live music, we will be giving away gift cards to […]

Austin PBS affiliate to air “Lost in Detention”

On Tuesday, October 18, award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa presents the groundbreaking documentary Lost in Detention. It’s an exposé that aims at revealing the devastating consequences of the mass incarceration of immigrants, and the harsh toll it takes on families, women and children. Hinojosa sat down with Presente.org recently to discuss Secure Communities (S-Comm) and the […]

HBO documentary examines U.S.-Mexico border fence

After receiving a call from her friend, a visiting professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville, informing her that the fence meant to protect the United States from terrorism, smuggling and illegal immigration was about to be built through the middle of campus, Rory Kennedy was intrigued. He told her how the fence was […]

Gov. Brewer, we need to see your papers

If we remember correctly, the Kansas lawyer who wrote Arizona’s SB 1070 indicated that difficulty with English is one factor that could lead to “reasonable suspicion” for questioning a person’s immigration status. Based on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s embarrassing performance at a recent debate, we have our own reasonable suspicions. During her introduction, the governor […]

Watch: President Obama speech in Austin

President Barack Obama was in Austin Monday, speaking before a group of several hundred University of Texas students, faculty and alumni. In his brief speech, Obama called higher education “the economic issue of our time,” pointing to statistics that show that people without college degrees currently face an unemployment rate double that for college graduates. […]

Utah list contains names of 1,300 supposed illegal immigrants

A list disseminated in Utah by an anonymous group called Concerned Citizens of the United States is sparking all kinds of controversy. The list, distributed by mail to various law enforcement agencies and media organizations, contains the names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers of 1,300 supposed illegal immigrants in the state. In six […]