[4/23] Preview: J.R. Gomez Birthday Bash at Blue Moon Bar and Grill

Tonight will be a non-stop party at the Blue Moon in South Austin! Some big-time Tejano names will be on-hand to celebrate with Austin’s own J.R. Gomez, including Max Baca, David Farias, Ruben Ramos and Ram Herrera. Gomez is a multi-talented and well-known vocalist and accordionist and is a frequent guest all around town. Best […]

[8/22] Preview: Tejano Birthday Bash featuring Ram Herrera, Hugo Guerrero, JR Gomez, and Calle Seis

Tonight it’s another all-star birthday bash at Blue Moon Bar and Grill. Tejano superstar Ram Herrera will be joining the fun along with Hugo Guerrero, JR Gomez and Calle Seis to celebrate birthdays for Calle Seis band members Mario Vigil and Chris Rivera in style. San Antonio native Ram Herrera, having been in the industry […]