Interview: QUITAPENAS made SXSW a little more tro-pi-cal

The music of tropical Afro-Latin band QUITAPENAS is here to take all your worries away, which is exactly what their name means in Spanish – ‘Quita’ meaning taking away and ‘penas’ meaning embarrassments or worries. “I feel like it’s very appropriate to what we are able to provide to people who come to our shows,” […]

Interview: Buyepongo brought the ruckus from Los Angeles to SXSW

Buyepongo’s aim is pretty simple – to cause a ruckus. Their Latin American roots show in their music, a complex fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms mixed with merengue, cumbia and punta. “We started off with a cumbia-flavored sound, and cumbia is still a big part of our foundation, but we evolved to different sounds,” Modesto said. […]

Q&A Interview: Los Rakas Speak On Why Oakland and Panama Are Central To Everything They Do

It’s impossible to know Los Rakas and not respect, or at the very least appreciate, their hustle. Behind what many fans see as glitz, glamour, and the rockstar lifestyle lies a work ethic that’s taken them from the youth centers of Oakland to festivals worldwide in just eight years. Los Rakas signed to Universal Latino […]

Q&A Interview: Roberto Lange aka Helado Negro

Roberto Carlos Lange is one busy guy. Years ago, Lange moved from his home in south Florida to New York where he turned the dial up on his artistic endeavors. However, it wasn’t until about four years ago when he put much of the painting and sculpture to the side and focused solely on his […]

Profile: Monterrey’s Newest Urban Music Wonder MC Davo

I have no idea what so-called Hip-Hop purists have to say about MC Davo’s work but they shouldn’t scoff at his work ethic and hustle. The phrase “started from the bottom, now we here” may be a cliché nowadays but it still holds true for guys like Davo. Davo, with longtime producer Meny Mendez by […]

Feature: Chicano Batman on what inspires their sound, touring Japan and returning to Austin

Last year Chicano Batman had a brief encounter with the city of Austin. They enjoyed the city’s culture, vibe and of course the tacos! Now they are on a quest to bring their groovy-funky-psychedelic sounds to next year’s South By Southwest Festival (SXSW). I talked with Chicano Batman’s—bassist and songwriter—Eduardo Arenas to get the scoop […]

Interview: Irene Díaz, from Kickstarter to Latina indie darling on the rise

When you look at singer-songwriter Irene Díaz you would never guess that such a big and soulful voice comes out of that petite figure, but trust me it does. We met up at the Downtown Rehearsal studio—east of downtown Los Angeles—where she told me all about the whirlwind of a life she’s had in the […]

Q&A Interview: Nortec Collective’s Bostich + Fussible on Tijuana micorbreweries, Pilobolus and ‘Motel Baja’

It’s been known that no other group fuses the soundtrack of their own city the way Nortec Collective does. Hailing at the start of the millennium, the luminary iPad-prone duo not only keeps reinventing the sonic melds that describes the noise of their beloved Tijuana, but their sound continues to inspire generations of new border […]

Q&A Interview: Pamela Rodriguez is Peru’s rising indie-pop princess

“Sometimes we need to feel free in order to feel extraordinary,” avows Peruvian indie pop darling Pamela Rodriguez with such confidence and grace during her Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) SummerStage performance. This is the first time Pamela has been billed alongside with Lila Downs – a personal music idol of hers. As the Central […]

Interview: Natalia Clavier’s journey, from the beginning to ‘Lumen’

Sometimes, things happen. They come together at times merely out of pure coincidence, but sometimes, it’s exactly what the universe had in store for you. Natalia Clavier believes that her journey is made up of many different coincidences.