Download: “Festejo” mp3 by Novalima

Novalima, a Peruvian band that mixes Afro-Peruvian with modern electronic and dub, will release their new album, Karimba, on Jan. 31.

Photo Recap: Night Fever XVII at Volstead Lounge

Austin based promoters Soul of the Boot Entertainment (SOBE) and Strange Tribe Productions really hustle when it comes to throwing their regular Night Fever concert and DJ showcase series. The DJ talent that the series brings is always impeccable and often include many of our favorite popular Latino DJs such as DJ Manny and DJ […]

Q&A Interview: Music, Monterrey & Fashion with She’s A Tease

Bilingual electronic-pop band, She’s A Tease, has been turning heads in the Mexican alternative rock scene for years now. Establishing recognition in 2004 with their first EP, Long Time Rolled, She’s A Tease has since then been touring Mexico and taking part in the International Music Fest MXBeat– a festival which has also showcased artists […]

(8/19) Preview: Paul Devro + Peligrosa at Scoot Inn

Peligrosa is a DJ collective based here in Austin, Texas. Lead by the multi-talented DJ Orion, Peligrosa’s Latin themed parties and events have become a downtown staple over the past few years. Hipsters, Latinos, hip hop heads and everyone in between flock to their parties every third Friday at Scoot Inn. Peligrosa is: Orion, Hobo […]

MP3: “As Long As You Like” by Afrobeta

Afrobeta was created by Cuci Amador and Smurphio in 2006. The Miami based dance music duo have broken out with an undeniable sound that combines funky synths, head-bopping basslines, electro house, bilingual lyrics and plenty of attitude. In addition to performing the LAMC, Afrobeta have performed at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts and […]

Watch: “Play House” by Afrobeta

Once Afrobeta starts playing, the only thing left to do is dance. Afrobeta began its journey in 2006 as Cuci Amador and Smurphio combined their talents to make people move to bilingual lyrics infused with funk-synthetic electronic beats. Based in Miami, the duo quickly gained a loyal fan base and recognition from the Miami New […]

Download: “Nighttime” mp3 by Afrobeta

It only takes two to make the irresistible dance beats Afrobeta is known for. The band, created by Cuci Amador and Smurphio in 2006, began spreading their funky electronic sound from Miami. Within a couple of years, their music has transcended national borders. Last year, they participated in the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts […]