Money Chicha “A Patricia” [live]

[7/11] Preview: Clandestino All Stars & Money Chicha at Symphony Square

Symphony Square will be a Latin Alternative hotspot on Friday as the Clandestino All-Stars pay tribute to Manu Chao after a set from Austin’s first chicha band.

[5/9] Preview: Money Chicha, La Frenetika at Gypsy Lounge

Money Chicha and La Frenetika get a little pre-pachanga going at Gypsy Lounge on May 9.

Austin Ticket Giveaway: Money Chicha, Cilantro Boombox & Golden Dawn Arkestra

Money Chicha is Austin’s first chicha group, incorporating the psychedelic sounds of guitars, fuzz, and reverb with heavy percussion. Featuring members of Grupo Fantasma and Brownout, their music pays homage to the musical and cultural movement of the ’60s and ’70s found in Peru and Colombia. On Saturday, Apr. 5, Money Chicha will be performing […]

Austin Ticket Giveaway: Chicha Summit at Flamingo Cantina

In Peru, in the late 60’s and 1970’s, from the slums of Lima to the jungle towns of the Amazon, a new sound emerged which would come to be known as Chicha. Influenced by Colombian Cumbia, this new tropical sound used a classic Afro-Caribbean rhythm section of bass, bells, bongos, congas and timbales along with […]