[8/15] Preview: Peligrosa and Bombón at Empire Control Room & Garage

Tonight is the night Austin-based Latin DJ collective Peligrosa takes over the Empire Control Room & Garage patio. While that alone is news worthy to Latin electronic music fans and EDM peeps, tonight the party is getting “turnt up” Houston style with Bombón.

[10/5] Preview: Peligrosa All-Stars with Bombón at Frontier Bar

On Friday, October 5, Peligrosa returns to Frontier Bar for a Latin tropical (pronounced tro-pee-khal) throw down. Known for the biggest Latin electronic dance parties in Austin, Peligrosa always brings the best of electro-cumbia, tropical, moombahton, salsa and hip hop. While Peligrosa is made up of multiple DJs and a photographer, only members Pagame and […]