Profile: Monterrey’s Newest Urban Music Wonder MC Davo

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MC Davo. Photo courtesy of Digital Girl Inc.

I have no idea what so-called Hip-Hop purists have to say about MC Davo’s work but they shouldn’t scoff at his work ethic and hustle. The phrase “started from the bottom, now we here” may be a cliché nowadays but it still holds true for guys like Davo.

Davo, with longtime producer Meny Mendez by his side, can easily be considered a king of Facebook and Youtube where he has over 2 million followers and over 100 million video views. It’s this popularity that lead to a record deal with Warner Music.

Davo’s hometown of Monterrey, Mexico was long known as a hotbed for Hip-Hop and Rap in the nation thanks to groups such as Control Machete who ruled the charts during the late 1990s. The turn of the century brought a shift in the area’s music scene with the birth of tribal guarachero (3Ball MTY, etc.) at the hands of numerous DJs including Machete’s own Toy Selectah.

The Hip-Hop and Rap scene, however, never truly went away and young guys like MC Davo are now leading a resurgence in the genre thanks to his popularity on Youtube. Unlike the previous generation of harder and politically-inclined artists, Davo’s music is much more Urban (mixing in as much R&B and Pop as Rap) along the lines of the cats in Young Money/Cash Money than Death Row.

That much is immediately evident on his new single, “Andamos De Parranda.” The song and video live up to its title with Davo celebrating the glasses-up-shots-everywhere nightlife with loads of sexy chicas as far as the eye can see and sweet, expensive rides galore. There’s also a shout-out to that drunk guy at every party who cries about his ex-girlfriend before puking his guts out.

The single is the first off his major label debut, El Dominio. “It’s got a lot of variety,” says Davo of the album. “It has party anthems, it has corridos, it has love songs, and songs that’ll make you think of a lost love.”

It’s a far cry from the Gangsta Rap work of Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg, three artists who fomented his love of Rap music when he was

just 12 years old. However, their influence on him was never about emulating a specific lifestyle.

“I learned different things from all of them,” he explains, “like how to create a style of flow. I loved their work and their production style.”

At age 16, Davo took the first steps in his Rap career by recording and releasing two songs with the help of friends. Soon after, he met the Dr. Dre to his Snoop Dogg in producer Mendez, who is all over El Dominio.

“We actually talked about that the other day,” he says of the comparison with a chuckle. “He’s also a fan of Eminem and we clicked immediately.”

The two have hustled together in Monterrey’s Rap scene for years beginning with Davo’s debut EP, Haciendo Lo Imposible, where Davo began making the impossible possible. Mendez helped him write a track and the album led to invitations to rap battles in the Barrio Antiguo. His victories on stage led to studio time at Howse Records where he recorded his second album, Lo Dejo A Tu Criteria. Later, in 2009, Davo conquered Myspace in Mexico with a #1 slot thanks to his large fanbase and song streams.

MC Davo’s album El Dominio is currently available in Mexico & iTunes and should be available in the U.S. next year.


Watch MC Davo’s music video for “Andamos De Parranda” below.

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