Austin Vida + Blastro2 Video Interview: 3Ball MTY

3Ball MTY live at Pachanga Latino Music Festival at Fiesta Gardens. Photo by Mari Hernandez.

Latin Grammy Award-winning DJs 3Ball MTY are responsible for bringing the tribal (pronounced like “tree-ball”) movement from Mexico and exposing it with the world. Tribal is an electronic-based genre that includes electro-cumbia with a elements of norteño and other traditional Mexican rhythms mixed in. Yes, this is the movement that sparked the Mexican pointy boots videos you’ve seen online over the past couple of years.

3Ball MTY’s fame took off in 2012 when their single “Inténtalo” reached No.1 on the Billboard Latin Songs chart while the song’s music video was on regular rotation on various Spanish language media. In November of 2012, 3Ball MTY won the 2012 Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Their list of accolades goes on and on.

The young DJs were part of this year’s Pachanga Latino Music Festival in May at Fiesta Gardens. Austin Vida’s Ian Morales worked with Blastro2 to produce the following video interview with Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto. The video includes bits of their live performance from their set. In the following video interview Morales talks with 3Ball MTY about how they came together as a group, how the success of Intentalo change their lives and what they are working on in regards to their next album.

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