Pacifika releases ‘Amor Planeta’ via Six Degrees Records


Vancouver-based global-fusion tro Pacifika released their third album, ‘Amor Planeta,’ today via Six Degrees Records. Courtesy photo.

Today Vancouver-based global fusion band Pacifika released their third full-length album, Amor Planeta, via Six Degrees Records. Amor Planeta is the follow-up to 2010’s Supermagique, as well as frontwoman Silnava Kane’s 2012 solo album, La Jardinera. The group added trumpet player Malcolm Aiken to offer a new sound for longtime fans.

Pacifika is composed of three musicians who come from Peruvian, North American, and Barbadian families, for whom rock, Latin, Caribbean, hip hop, and jazz are all part of a single international musical language – a kind of musical Esperanto. Singer Silvana Kane is from Peru; guitarist Adam Popowitz is from Canada; bassist Toby Peter grew up in Barbados. The trio released their debut album Asunción in 2008.

Listen to Amor Planeta below.

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