Café con Letras presents Daniela Soqui at Janitzio’s Mexican Restaurant

Café con Letras, or Coffee with Lyrics, is a monthly event produced by Alianza Cultural Latinoamericana which happens every third Sunday of the month. It is a unique event, completely in Spanish, where local artists participate. The purpose of Café con Letras is to create a place where artist of different disciplines can converge with an audience that has a wide range of interests concerning the arts. They have had all types of guests including musical artists to poets, dancers to photographers.

The latest guest for the January edition of Café con Letras is Daniela Soqui, a Mexican singer-songwriter whose music is categorized as world music with a mix of trova, latin pop, and Latin American folk fusion. She has had various performances throughout San Antonio, Texas and has contributed to writing songs for films such as the short film “Finding Home” and an independent film Secuestrada. She has also written a bilingual song titled “knock, knock” for a children’s project. At Café con Letras, she will be sharing her newest and first CD production Sueños vivos. Accompaning the special performance by Soqui, there will be Venezuelan songs, songs by singer-songwriters, and short films.

The show will be Sunday, January 20th at Janitzio’s Mexican Restaurant located on 600 West Martin Luther King Blvd, Austin, TX 78701. The show will be starting at 7 p.m. and will end at 9 p.m. Entrance is free for all. For more information, visit the Facebook invite page or access the Alianza Cultuaral Latinoamerican webpage or call (512)767-8135. If you cannot make it, you can stream Café con Letras worldwide on

Estefania de Leon

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