Watch: “La Gorra” music video by Super Gauchin

With some modifications, brothers Ignacio and Luciano Brasolin have discovered a secret hidden in classical video game consoles like the Comodore 64s, Gameboys, and Ataris. The Argentinean duo, known as Super Gauchin, has redefined the purpose of a console from just playing games to making music that people can actually dance to. The brothers mix game music with electronic and Latin beats that transport dancers into a futuristic world where games and reality blur.

Super Gauchin’s album cover for their latest EP Piratas y Fichines, reveals a little bit of what they’re all about, but only their “La Gorra” music video can show the combined power of video games and music. The video, off their recent EP released by Waxplotation and ZZK, takes place in a futuristic pixilated video game styled Argentina where Super Gauchin fights off zombie armies with their game consoles.

Watch the “La Gorra” music video below:

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