Watch: “Señor Montecostes” music video by Mati Zundel

Despite growing up with traditional cumbia and folkloric music, Mati Zundel had to travel outside of Argentina to really appreciate the richness of musical styles his home country offers which range from triunfo, huella to escondido. Now, the musician carefully fuses traditional South American rhythms with electronic beats while respecting the indigenous sounds that permeate his music. With his unique style, National Public Radio Music named him one of their favorite artists of the year and Zundel’s song, “El Alto de la Paz,” made their top 100 songs of 2011.

Zundel really knows how to get someone’s attention. It’s hard not to be infected with the rhythms of his music, but it’s nearly impossible to not watch his recently released “Señor Montecostes” music video. The song is part of his upcoming album, Amazonico Gravitante, out March 27. In the mean time, the music video will suffice. Zundel takes a slaughterhouse to a whole new psychedelic world where cows are made of origami and the worker’s gruesome work can be tolerated after watching him dance.

Watch the “Señor Montecostes” music video below:

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