New ZZK/Waxplotation project, “Future Sounds of Buenos Aires”

The Future Sounds of Buenos Aires

The soothing folkloric rhythms of the Andes get revamped as the past meets the present with Waxplotation Records and Argentinean ZZK Records’ new project, Future Sounds of Buenos Aires.

The unlikely record labels team up to uncover the underground electronic scene in Argentina with their album featuring Chancha Via Circuito, Mati Zundel, Frikstailers, Super Guachin, La Yegros, El Remolon and King Coya among others.

With each artist’s unique style, the album gives a taste of the diverse sounds that have emerged from the villas, all creating a futuristic experimental dance party that has emerged in recent years in Buenos Aires.

Even with the differences in sound that each artist brings to the collaboration, from Super Guachin’s video game tunes turned 8-bit cumbia bass to Chancha Via Circuito’s percussion style and even the futuristic Andean folk from Tremor, the thread that holds it all together is the influence from the rural traditional folkloric roots that have been mixed with present-day street injected sounds that have made Buenos Aires the new hot-spot for electronic beats.

Listen to the teaser below and see what the craze is all about down there:

Future Sounds of Buenos Aires (Teaser) by zzkrecords

Elizabeth Blancas

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