Manu Chao-produced Malian hip-hop group SMOD releases North American debut

Malian group SMOD has been active for over a decade. They’re already known in Europe for their hip-hop, mixed with blues and folk with French lyrics of political inequality and corruption. Even though they’ve released three albums since 2000, their latest self-titled full length is considered their U.S. debut.

SMOD (Nacional Records) was produced by global wonder Manu Chao, who took an interest in the project through the group’s frontman Sam Doumbia, son of musicians Amadou & Mariam. SMOD is currently out on their debut U.S. tour, looking to entrance U.S. listeners with their sound. If you’re looking for something different—with a heavy dose of Manu—make sure to watch SMOD’s video for “Ca Chante” below.

Eugenia Vela

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  1. these guys were the surprise guest at Zanzibar in Santa Monica last Thursday!  let me just say I rather have been no other place in the world then there! Awesome performance