Café Tacvba to release ‘El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco’ in October

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It’s been 20 years, yes 20 years, since the iconic Mexican rock band Café Tacvba released their self-titled debut album. From that point, the quartet captured people’s attention during the Rock en Español movement from the ’90s with their diverse genre blending. It wasn’t the standard to mix Norteño with punk or include ska, boleros, traditional folk and even hip-hop in the same album. Even with all their eccentric fusions, they still managed to become one of the leading pioneers of the movement. Two decades later and with the same line-up—Rubén Albarrán, Emmanuel del Real, Enrique Rangel, Joselo Rangel—the Tacubos continue to be successful as they reinvent themselves with each new album.

For five years, fans have been waiting to hear new music from Café Tacvba and that day is almost here. In less than a month, the band will release El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco (The Object Previously Called an Album) on Oct. 22. With each and every album sounding different yet still somehow retaining a Café Tacvba essence, this album should be no different. Well at least it’s not expected to be after the non-traditional recording sessions the band recently completed. Recorded in four cities, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Los Angeles and Santiago, the band invited audiences to be present during their recording session. Although there was a crowd present, it is not a live album. El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco is a complete studio album where the audience was present to fuel, energize and interact with the band.

The music video to their recently released single, “De Este Lado Del Camino,” gives a bit of insight into what their recording session was like.  Watch the music video below:

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