Watch: “Afro Sound” Palenke Soultribe remix video by Locos Por Juana

The reggae hip-hop hybrid Locos Por Juana can make someone go from swaying their head with their slow beats to hitting the dance floor when they speed things up a bit with some champeta, funk, cumbia and Afro-Colombian rhythms. With their array of sounds the band has fit right in, playing at festivals in Europe as well as in the U.S. The Miami based band has also been nominated for a Grammy and Latin Grammy nomination.

Just in time for all the summer late night dancing, the band gets ready to release their fifth album, Somos de la Calle. Giving us a taste of it, their latest single, “Afro Sound” proves that’s what summer is all about. The name of the song pays tribute to a Colombian band of the same name that Locos Por Juana listened to as children. But the name goes beyond admiring a band; it’s exactly what you will hear with a mixture of Locos Por Juana’s style and Palenke Soultribe‘s remix touch.

Watch the music video below.

Austin Vida Staff

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