Watch: Hydra Melody loves everyone they know

Hydra Melody

Justin and Jordan Berlanga

Hydra Melody chose the perfect name for their band. The San Antonio sextet is a multiheaded beast of a musical group, though one that’s solidly grounded in memorable hooks and warm melodies. At its core, Hydra Melody is an indie rock band. But the addition of conga-driven percussion and the dual-lead-vocal attack gets the band classified as progressive and post-hardcore at times.

In our latest exclusive video, Ian Morales spoke with two members of Hydra Melody (brothers Jordan and Justin Berlanga) about being compared to beloved bands Minus the Bear and Cursive. He also asked the band about their hometown’s music scene and the growing musical connection between the sister cities of Austin and San Antonio.

Also in the video, the band plays two new songs live at Stubb’s, both of which have big sing-along choruses. You have to respect a band that writes a chorus as straightforwardly emotive as “We love everyone we know!”

Hydra Melody plays our Austin Vida showcase (click here for details) this Saturday at the Parish on Sixth Street.

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  1. Hey! I’m the guy that created the, “What IF?” shirt justin is wearing. It’s really cool seeing it up here, and I just wanted to say thank you for the support!