Review: Amy Cook, Nina Diaz concert at Lamberts

Amy Cook’s residency at Lamberts on West 2nd Street is one of those things where you sit back in your chair and think, ‘I’m so spoiled by the this town’s music scene.’

Cooks stylized folk makes her a local favorite and rightly so. She played an energetic set, lots of foot stomping and huge smiles. The only casualty of her set came from Mother Nature.

By the time Cook appeared on stage at 11, it began to snow. That and the thinned out crowd from the late dinner rush, made for a sparse yet intimate setting. Cook bantered with the crowd and opener Nina Diaz, front woman of San Antonio’s Girl in a Coma.

Listening to Diaz play solo was a treat. Her vocals stand out normally but to see her perform under such non-rock conditions showed a different side of her.

“Enjoy your food and drinks this evening, that’s what the set is called,” Diaz said. She soon charged into her set, singing songs that were more personal and confessional in nature. At times her vocals were fighting the last leg of the dinner crowd, and you’d think she was a shy singer-songwriting just coming out and not an indie-rock darling backed by Joan Jett’s BlackHeart Label.

After each song, she said a quick “thank you,” nodding her head. Diaz was playful with her music almost that it seemed like she was working through some really cool music while in front of an audience.

After Diaz’s short set, Cook took charge of the stage and played tracks from her latest album, Let the Light In. From her performance that night, her music would have easily have people up and stomping the floor along with her. But on a cold and snowy night, her  melodic and comforting scratchy vocals made it seem ok to just sit back and enjoy.

(Nina Diaz and Amy Cook performed at Lambert’s on February 3, 2011)

Angela Maldonado

Senior Editor - Angela Maldonado hails from Selena Town, aka Corpus Christi, but has made Austin her home since 2002. Her background is in journalism and radio, formerly serving as a producer for NPR’s Latino USA. In her stint with the show, she interviewed some awesome bands and had a nice chat with Joan Jett. In her previous life as a media gypsy, Angela wrangled huge inflatables on radio remotes, ran live broadcasts, promoted books and worked as an editorial assistant at the Austin American-Statesman.

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