Interview: Get to know Austin’s Politics

Politics may be one of the hardest band names to Google, especially when your band hasn’t quite created a name for themselves online. But to the members of Politics, it doesn’t bother them.

“I believe in the meaning of the word and what we mean for it to be as far as the way we write music. Everyone having an equal say and just being able to just be themselves in that space,” said Patrick Gonzalez, guitarist/vocalist for Politics. “If people want to find out, they’ll find us. We’re okay with that.”

Gonzalez formed an earlier inception of Politics, but under a different name, when he was 15 years old with his brother Steven and Bobby Arrieta in El Paso, Texas. After he relocated to Austin to attend St. Edwards University, he formed a three-piece band with Steven called The Politics. Then they ran into an old friend.

“We ran into each other again,” said Arrieta. “They brought up the idea to me if we would want to get back together and play again. So we did. At the time, Michael also came on board and it really just started from there.”

Now they will celebrate the release of their debut EP Cities on Sept. 3 at Emo’s. The EP, which is currently available as a free online download through Ultra 8201’s LABEL*, was two years in the making.

“The thing that we were really focusing on was that the material was worthy of being recorded, because I think anybody can go in and say I have all these songs and let’s record them,” said Arrieta. “We started feeling wow, these are good enough. This is music that we want to share to the world, especially to people.”

The result is five carefully-crafted songs that enchant listeners with their fusion of melodic guitars and thumping bass and drums. Arrieta and Gonzalez both agreed that post-punk revival bands played a part in this.

“I think personally we each have brought different kinds of influences into the band, but I think the bond that we all share is we really enjoy that movement of when the Strokes first came out and Interpol and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,” said Arrieta. “I think that’s what kind of brought us together.”

It’s that love of music that keeps them together.

“I think the way I see it is that we care about each other first and we happen to love music and that’s become the driving force in the band,” said Gonzalez. “For me, I’ve always looked up to my older brother and that’s something. And Bob, I’ve known Bob since I was really little and so I feel like my goal is just to be with these guys and music happens to come out of that. For myself, it’s just I can’t think of a better way to express myself.”

Watch the music video for “Fuel For The Flame” off of Cities below.

See Politics live at the Austin Vida indie showcase at Frank on December 9. Promo photo by Besty Peticolas.

Sarah Vasquez

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