Review: ‘Sonidos de hoy y siempre’ album by Mexican Dubwiser

The words “Mexican Dubwiser” reminds us of our stints as bartenders, when we were canned for creating delicious and inventive beverages during slow shifts—drinking them until we couldn’t see straight might have had something to do with being fired, but still. We used to dust beer bottles with salt, and then jam limes in at the customer’s request. Voila! Mexican Budweiser. Actually, that sounds disgusting. What were our customers thinking?

Luckily, Mexican Dubwiser (Dub, not Bud) is not another attempted grab at Hispanic beer drinkers by some greedy beer-meister. He is Marcelo Tijerina, a Regio who we hear has steadily carved out a niche and then packed it full of Cumbias in Los Angeles, Calif. Tijerina looks like the go-to DJ openning for acts such as Manu Chao, Nortec’s Bostitch + Fussible and Kinky, but those of us who aren’t around to take in his sets on the West Coast are offered his Sonidos de hoy y siempre to jam instead.

Austinites are intimately acquainted with the cumbia beat, and those who know and love DJs such as Chorizo Funk and the Peligrosa All Stars, or who caught Mexican Dubwiser’s shows here in the past two months, have probably been bumping this 16-track collection of mashups and edits for a while. We only wish that Dubwiser had mixed these tracks DJ style, but the results are otherwise pleasing on Sonidos. Cobbled together from contemporary and classic Tejano, rap, rock and more—all to an unrelenting cumbia beat—Sonidos features Candice Cannabis, who jumps in for a catchy “Cumbia of the Great.” Chilean scholar and artist Alejandro Jodorowsky is also sampled, but my favorite tracks were the Selena-versus-Bronco mashup, DJ Vadim Meets Mendoza’s “Fosforito” and Mexican Dubwiser and Toy Selectah’s mashup “Porra Caguamera.”

Christina Garcia

Writer - Christina was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and she recently completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not downtown searching for the dirtiest, most danceable beats in the city, she is writing about them for Austin Vida.

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