Review: ‘ZZK Sound Vol. 2’ album by Zizek

Zizek’s latest album asks dub, electro, techno, break beat and ambient fans to cumbia together. This unexpected cross-genre exploration actually sounds pretty good. (Think Samim’s Heater with less accordian and more cumbia.) The album is also a product of a global dj and production collective based in Buenos Aires, where the “experimental cumbia scene” brought back to the city what it has been exporting: some of electronic music’s most talented producers.

The album maintains cumbia’s steady pace for eighteen tracks, but includes upbeat brass-laced rhythms that creep up later as dub and other electronic dance music forms. Zzk moves through ambient sounds and minimalist cumbia appears between electro and more traditional Latin rhythms. Spanish language tracks are sprinkled throughout, but Douster’s remix of Zonora Point’s Huachita Rica is by far the catchiest. Ghislain Poirier’s remix of Fauna’s Guachito Gil is the albums sexiest track, and the only one with English vocals. It stands out from the rest for me, but I’m a sucker for female vocals.

All in all, Zizek Sound Vol. 2 is built for the dance hall. It’s catchy authenticity has already taken it around the world.

Christina Garcia

Writer - Christina was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and she recently completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not downtown searching for the dirtiest, most danceable beats in the city, she is writing about them for Austin Vida.

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