Review: ‘Analog Drift: Muy?.?.?. ?Esniqui’ by Chico Mann

Chico Mann’s latest album, Analog Drift: Muy?.?.?. ?Esniqui, is straight from the ’70s, but better. Using his Casio keyboard, drum machines, synths and other live instruments, Chico Mann refreshes the decade with his own Afro-freestlye or electro-afrobeat sound. Leisure suits are optional, but the atmosphere Mann re-imagines is relaxed, bilingual, sometimes tropical and certainly playful. Fans of The Talking Heads should check the album out for Mann’s cover of “Once in a Lifetime”.

Pay attention to the Chico Mann, also known as Antibalas guitarist Marcos Garcia. His New York-born/New Jersey-raised Cuban roots color his musical career, which he pursued following his father’s footsteps as a DJ and label owner. Mann has worked with big names from the “golden era” of hip hop, and is cutting a swath through New York City with his various musical projects.

Limited edition Analog Drift tour CDs, hand sprayed with an image of Mann’s face may be all gone, but you can download your copy of his album online.

Christina Garcia

Writer - Christina was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and she recently completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not downtown searching for the dirtiest, most danceable beats in the city, she is writing about them for Austin Vida.

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