(9/26) Preview: The Austin Facial Hair Club brings Lotería to Mohawk

Tonight The Austin Facial Hair Club presents Lotería! at the Mohawk. The event is free and open to 21+.

The Austin Facial Hair Club is an organization dedicated to embracing facial hair. It is open to men and women. The organization is featured on the current season of Whisker Wars on IFC.

Lotería is the Mexican game of bingo. Instead of using placing the letter with the number, Lotería uses images and a deck of cards. The caller selects a card from the deck and the players mark off the image called if it is on their card(s).

The event begins at 8 p.m. at the Mohawk located on 912 Red River, but use the 10th Street entrance, not the front for the event. The first card will be $5 and any additional cards will be $1 each. Again, only 21 and up will be admitted. For more information visit The Austin Facial Hair Club’s website.

Alyssa Morin

Alyssa Morin is an aspiring broadcast journalist and the vice president of the U.T. Hispanic Journalist organization. Morin is an entertainment beat writer for Red River Noise and Austin Vida.

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