[11/15] Preview: Cine Las Americas and ACC to screen ‘Granito: How to Nail a Dictator’

‘Granito’ will screen at the Austin Community College Eastview Campus on Nov. 15

Cine Las Americas International Film Festival along with the Peace and Conflicts Program at Austin Community College will present the social movement documentary Granito: How to Nail a Dictator on Friday, Nov. 15.

Filmmaker Pamela Yates unveils the story of former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Rios Montt whom was charged by the court for committing war brutality against the country’s Mayan people in the 1980s. His genocide crimes were documented by Yates in ’83 in her documentary When the Mountains Tremble, which provided and provoked evidence during his trial. Roughly 30 years later, Granito: How to Nail a Dictator captures the story of how a film, planting a new seed of human rights activists, became granito- a tiny grain of sand- that helped bring justice.

The Peace and Conflicts Program at the Austin Community College provides the community with knowledge and empowerment through films that relate to social justice, conflict and sustainable peace. As a part of their program they host a year-long screening series for the community.

The event will be held at the Austin Community College Multipurpose Room 8500 (Eastview campus) located at 3402 Webberville Rd.The event is free and open to the public. Screening at 8 p.m. followed by a talk about the Guatemala National Police Archive by guest speaker Kent Norsworthy, digital scholarship coordinator at LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections. For additional updates on upcoming screenings and information on the event visit the Peace and Conflicts Program’s website.

Alyssa Morin

Alyssa Morin is an aspiring broadcast journalist and the vice president of the U.T. Hispanic Journalist organization. Morin is an entertainment beat writer for Red River Noise and Austin Vida.

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