Recap: Carnaval Brasileiro 2013 at the Palmer Events Center

Austin Samba School performed at Carnaval Brasileiro at the Palmer Events Center.

The Palmer Events Center, home of Carnaval Brasileiro, was flooded with the beautiful and rhythmic beats of samba, frevo, march and batucada. The festivities were accompanied by the exuberant grins and dancing bodies of Brazilians, samba enthusiasts, lovers, dancers and people searching for a great time that would bleed vibrantly into the night.

The award-winning Brazilian group Belleza Brasil kicked off the night with a phenomenal performance fronted by the beautiful and energetic Marianni Ebert. The talented musicians from Belleza Brasil performed tirelessly and eagerly throughout the night; their invigorating rhythm poured endless energy into their dancing audience for hours and hours on end.

Embedded between performances by Belleza Brasil, The Austin Samba School continued their annual performance with traditional samba choreography with the focal theme based off of the beloved child’s tale “Peter Pan”. The performance featured dancers playing main characters such as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John, Michael, Nana the Newfoundland, the Crocodile (Tick-Tock) and, of course, Captain James Hook.

In addition, dancers were also dressed as mermaids in bright blue wigs with large pink flowers, pink sea-shell tops embellished with pearl-like beads, and matching blue skirts. Other dancers were wearing traditional blue sequined samba dresses complemented with plums, and silver beads. Accompanying The Austin Samba School was a brilliant performance by Acadêmicos da Ópera. The percussionists, continuing the Peter Pan theme, were dressed as pirates and performed with flawless precision as they were appropriately directed by the Crocodile named Tick-Tock.

For photos of the costumed attendees and fans, click here.

All photos by AJ Miranda.

Annar Verold

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