[4/26] Austin stands up for Ethnic Studies community forum at El Sol Y La Luna

There is a Librotraficante movement here in Texas happening to fight the banning of Ethnic Studies. Tonight at El Sol Y La Luna, Austin-based activists, professionals, professors, writers and students will meet to discuss the opposition of HB1938 and SB1128. Both bills would no longer allow Mexican-American History, African-American History or Women’s History to fulfill history degree requirements at publicly funded colleges and universities in Texas.

El Sol Y La Luna is located at 600 East 6th Street. Community forum begins at 6 p.m. All ages are welcome. For more information, visit www.NoTXSB1128.org. For more background on this issue, please visit the following links:

NBC Latino: Texas state legislators seek to limit ethnic history studies in college requirements

National Coalition Against Censorship Blog: Texas Day of Action 4/26: Fight for Ethnic Studies!

Finally, although satirical in nature, we find comedian Al Madrigal’s “Bribed With Burritos” video from The Daily Show to be one of the few clips to shed light on what has happened in Arizona with the passage of similar laws.

Austin Vida Staff

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