PromoSalud hosts ceremony for their first graduating class

The PromoSalud program, of the Latino Healthcare Forum (LHF), will be hosting a ceremony on November 3 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. to honor their first graduating class at the Capitol Extension Auditorium and award them the certification of being a Community Healtcare Worker (CHW). CHWs are defined by the American Public Health Association as volunteers and paid frontline public health staff who are trusted members of the community.

The PromoSalud program is the only program approved by the State of Texas in the Austin area that allows Community Healthcare Workers to obtain their certification. PromoSalud trained their CHWs for 3-hour classes for twelve weeks over the summer. They are known as Promotores/Promotoras and widely share the same ethnic background, language, and socioeconomic status of the Latino community they serve which enables them to bridge the gap between the community and healthcare providers. Most of the students are low-income and/or recipients of government subsidized health care and will be able to pursue professional, competitive wage-paying careers after receiving their certification.

The Latino Healthcare Forum, is in charge of the PromoSalud program which is mostly aimed at the Dove Springs area in Austin. They are dedicated to creating a integrated network of Healthcare Without Walls© by bringing down walls of bureaucracy and communication. Their mission is to remove the disparities created by these walls and to help provide quality health care to Latino communities. For more information visit

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