Open call for Austin Vida interns and contributors

Here at Austin Vida, we have a small yet dedicated staff of writers, photographers, and editors who care deeply about the music, culture, and lifestyle of Latinos in Austin. In a city as vibrant and as dynamic as Austin, it’s nice to be one of the loudest and clearest voices for the city’s fastest growing ethnic demographic.

But keeping the gears turning smoothly can be difficult with only a handful of us, so we’re reaching out to you, our readers, to expand our team. Austin Vida is looking for student interns and freelance contributors to help further our mission.

We are looking for passionate and motivated writers with an interest in covering one or more of the following: community issues, cultural arts, local businesses, popular/alternative music. If you can tell a cumbia from a chancla; if you delight in news of another Diego and Gael film; if breakfast tacos are a way of life; then you might be right for Austin Vida.

We are currently accepting applications for spring semester internships. Ideal student interns will be majoring in either journalism, communications, creative writing, or English. The primary responsibility of interns will be to write news briefs and event previews as assigned, and possibly progress into feature writing, depending on experience level. Internships will last a semester, with the option of staying on board after the semester is over.

We are also accepting experienced freelancers to start immediately. Ideal freelance candidates will have prior published experience with newspapers, magazines, or professionally edited blogs. Freelancers will be paid per assignment. Assignments will include feature stories within an assigned beat. While Austin Vida is an English language publication, we sometimes have to conduct interviews in Spanish, so let us know if you’re bilingual. It’s not required, but it is a plus.

To be considered for an internship or freelance position, please email our editor-in-chief, Ian Morales, at austinvidawebzine[at] or through our contact page, and include “intern application” or “freelance application” and your name in the subject line. We don’t have formal paperwork to fill out. Instead, email us a cover letter that tells us a little about you and why you want to write for Austin Vida. You must also include three writing samples (professionally published samples, preferably). If you are an intern candidate who hasn’t been published, we will accept writing samples from college-level coursework. We are looking for writers who can communicate clearly, passionately, and knowledgeably about their community and their culture. If that’s you, then please apply now.

We at Austin Vida consider ourselves professionals and we take pride in what we do. But the most important thing to remember is that we do this because we love it. So please only apply if you are ready to learn and ready to have fun.

AJ Miranda

Managing Editor - AJ Miranda grew up in California’s San Joaquin Valley, though he's an adopted Texan since 2002. He has a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin and has written about business and city life for The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post and Laredo Morning Times. He is also an avid photographer and videographer.

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