A Look Back at Carnaval Brasileiro 2011

Photo by Chantel Clopine

The heavy beats of samba contagiously flooded thousands of people in the arena with a rhythmic, heavy beat. Carnaval Brasileiro 2011 inspired thousands of Brazilians, samba enthusiasts, freaks, lovers, dancers, and anyone just looking for an unforgettable time to dress up and participate in an evening of never-ending dancing, Brazilian pride, and shameless debauchery.

The steamy atmosphere was filled with the endless rhythms of adrenaline shocking samba, batucada, frevo, and march. Performances by Acadêmicos da Ópera flaunted brilliant precision in their percussionists and the tireless movements of the beautiful samba dancers.  Acadêmicos da Ópera were dressed in gaudy, blue and white sequin attire styled with feathers. Some of the dancers were wearing more cultural colors, such as vibrant red hair accessories, green skirts with sequin halter tops. The celebratory evening also featured various performances by Beleza Brazil and the  talented singer-songwriter, Anne Simoni. Dressed vibrantly in red, Simoni strutted on stage performing native anthems, and even a few songs written specifically for Carnaval Brasileiro.

One of the greatest factors of the evening was the glitz– everyone was drenched in glitter, and the venue was overflowing with feather hats, boas, and dresses. Everyone sported flashy costumes, body paint, colored wigs, little clothes, shaking hips, and exuberant smiles. Aside from the Brazilian Carnival theme, attendees were also wearing Alice In Wonderland costumes, dressed as Mad Hatters, Alice, White Rabbits, and in Victorian Era wigs. Nothing makes a night more memorable than participating in a rich culture of costumes, dancing, and live music.

Carnaval Brasileiro 2011 took place on February 5, 2011 at The Palmer Events Center. Photos by Chantel Clopine.

Annar Verold

Annar Veröld’s is studying Journalism and English Writing & Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University, and she avidly writes for Red River Noise. Though, born in Houston, Annar basks in the glory of Austin. The people, the culture, the music, the energy—it all fascinates her, and she has a profound adoration for the brilliance that resonates throughout the city.

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