Interview: David Ramirez, from Music City to Strangetown

Austin-based singer-songwriter David Ramirez talks about his third album, Strangetown, as well as starring in a movie and trying to build a local fan base for his folk stylings.

Interview: The ‘movimiento’ of Austin’s Vitera

People take notice when Vitera takes the stage, sometimes as early as soundcheck. But it’s not always the band they notice; it’s the small string instrument that sits on its stand and resembles a miniature Flying V guitar. “People will ask me, too, is that a little mandolin? No, it’s a violin,” said Haydn Vitera, […]

Interview: Get to know Austin’s Politics

Politics may be one of the hardest band names to Google, especially when your band hasn’t quite created a name for themselves online. But to the members of Politics, it doesn’t bother them. “I believe in the meaning of the word and what we mean for it to be as far as the way we […]

Esquina Tango nonprofit teaches dance, language

In the corner of a quaint neighborhood in East Austin stands a bright red and yellow building. What was once a church and former home of Church of the Friendly Ghost, now is home to Esquina Tango, a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of Latin American cultural activities. As implied by the name, Esquina […]

‘Dimensiones’ brings emotion through color to La Peña

For non-art aficionados, the paintings from local artist Miguel Angel Santana’s collection “Dimensiones” look like random colors of paint splattered on a canvas. But, Santana says, there’s more to these paintings after the first glance. The overlapping vibrant colors reveal an emotion on each piece such as nostalgia and revival. “Those are stages. Those are […]

Progressing with San Antonio’s Hydra Melody

Austin Vida’s indie showcase is this Saturday, Feb. 20, at Mi Casa, so we thought we’d give you some insight into the young bands we’re featuring with a pair of Q&As. You can read Ian Morales’ interview with In Situ Sound here. I spoke with the other half our bill: Hydra Melody, a progressive/alternative sextet from […]

Photos: Fashion Freakout 2010

The Mohawk was packed as fans of vintage fashion (and those of us with a budget looking for inspiration) gathered around for the third annual Fashion Freakout. Three locally owned vintage stores showcased their styles: Buffalo Exchange, New Bohemia and Prototype Vintage Design. Host Matt Bearden amusingly entertained the crowd while the models were preparing […]

Painting for the future; local artist Reyes on his risqué oil paintings

Alonso Reyes was raised around art his whole life. The Lima, Peru native’s mother was an artist, but she discouraged him from following in her footsteps. “She said ‘Don’t be an artist because nobody’s going to marry you. I’m an artist because your father’s a doctor,’” explained Reyes. Not taking her advice, he studied art […]

Review: ‘Nueva America’ album by Quiero Club

From the moment the first note of Quiero Club’s Nueva America plays, I’m instantly lost in an episode of the latest Gossip Girl episode. Cue the Kristen Bell voiceover with images of Blair and Serena living in the high society and Quiero Club belongs to the club of bands that provide the soundtrack to this […]

Vicci Martinez stays true to herself

Pint-sized Vicci Martinez stepped onto the Momo’s stage with just her acoustic guitar. Wearing blue jeans and her Chucks, she belted out several of her gritty folk songs to an intimate audience. Martinez is only 25 years old and her powerful voice has given her many opportunities since she sang her first note at the […]