De Lara brings ‘Tender Dissonance’ to La Peña

The women in David de Lara’s artwork are all glamourous. They have curves, an air of mystery and are undeniably sexy. “Years ago, someone once said that I create dolls,” de Lara said. And it’s an accurate description. These doll-like women are the central theme in much of his work, including his latest exhibit, “Tender […]

Taco Journalism has an app for your appetite

Taco Journalism seeks only one thing: to find the best tacos in Austin. A blog dedicated to reviewing taco eateries throughout the city and different parts of the country, Taco Journalism has been chronicling this epic quest since 2006. The blog and its taco reviews have garnered attention not just locally, but most recently from major […]

Mexic-Arte celebrates 15 years of young Latino artists

The Mexic-Arte Museum is celebrating the quince años of an annual exhibition that helped many young Latinos display their talents for the first time. The 15th Young Latino Artists: Consensus of Taste exhibit features the works of 15 artists who have matriculated through the Young Latino Artists exhibition, which started in 1996. Sylvia Orozco, the […]

Discover a local photographer’s Town of Clouds

Austin photographer Diego Huerta first heard of the Huichol, an indigenous Mexican tribe that lives in the Jalisco mountains, when he discovered that their ancient ceremonial grounds had been destroyed. The ceremonial grounds were located in a canyon called Guitarritas, which is located in La Huasteca, a mountainous region in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. “They consider […]

Rubén Herrera exhibit reveals solidarity between Saltillo and Austin

The connection between Austin and the city of Saltillo in Coahuila, Mexico, has become more than just a diplomatic or cultural one with the latest exhibit on display at the Mexic-Arte Museum. The Rubén Herrera: Master Artist and Teacher 1888-1933 exhibit features 10 pieces of Herrera’s work, which are on loan from the Museo Rubén Herrera […]

Indie en Ingles; Monterrey’s Sexy Marvin more like Muse than Maná

Don’t let Sexy Marvin fool you. They’re not just another Rock en Español band—not that they have a problem with Rock en Español They just prefer to keep in tune with the Brit-rock bands they grew up listening to and idolizing, including singing in the same language as them. “We get asked that a lot in Mexico,” […]

History museum gives Austin a taste of Latino popular music influence

For decades, Latinos have added sabor to music produced in the U.S. and not just in genres like Tejano or salsa and merengue. A new exhibit called “American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music” at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum showcases just how much Latinos have influenced American genres like blues, jazz, rock, punk, hip-hop […]

Concert Review: Gilberto Gil at Hogg Auditorium

Gilberto Gil has never lost his stride musically. The sharp ringing of voice as he hits a high note will tell you just that. The legendary Brazilian singer-songwriter played his first of  two shows at Hogg Memorial Auditorium on the University of Texas campus Tuesday night. Gil is best known for pioneering a new style […]