Austin Vida + Blastro2 Video Interview: Ulises Lozano of Kinky

I caught up with Ulises Lozano, keyboard player and accordionist of Mexican band Kinky at Stubb’s. The band is currently on a U.S. tour in support of their recent release, Sueño de la Máquina, produced by legendary Dust Brother, John King. Growing up in Monterrey, Kinky’s hometown, it was easy to follow the band’s overwhelming […]

Cine Las Américas presents ‘Visa al Paraíso’ at St. Edward’s University

This week, Cine Las Américas finishes its series “Transitions in Spanish Cinema: Spain from the 1930’s to the Present” with the 2010 documentary Visa al Paraíso (Visa to Paradise). The film will be screened tonight at 7 p.m. at the Jones Auditorium in St. Edward’s University. Visa al Paraíso focuses on the end of the […]

Q&A: Sam Coronado, Austin Visual Arts Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

The Austin Visual Arts Awards will host their third ceremony November 15 to recognize artists making an impact in the community. The Austin Visual Arts Association is one of the oldest visual arts organizations in the city, and chooses winners from different categories such as Early Career, Photography and New Media Arts. The Lifetime Achievement […]

Mexican American Cultural Center celebrates five years, looks ahead

Learn about Austin’s own Mexican American Cultural Center in downtown Austin. Vida associate editor Eugenia Vela interviewed the MACC’s event coordinator, Linda Crockett, about the ins and outs of the MACC.

Feature: An east side staple, Joe’s Bakery going strong at 50

It isn’t long after walking into Joe’s Bakery that my stomach starts begging me, pleading me, to fill it with barbacoa. My stomach knows, after all, it recognizes these smells by now—these smells, how damn good they smell. I do my best to ignore my stomach’s blatant grumbling and ask for Joe’s granddaughter, Regina Estrada, […]

Feature: With Pelóns grand opening, Tex-Mex returns to Red River

I cannot wait for Sunday—and not just because I need more fantasy points (insert sad face here). Mexican Independence Day (or El Grito) is this Sunday, Sept. 16, and Doug Guller has given me yet another reason to get pumped. Guller is well known for his businesses, such as the ownership of ‘breastaurant’ Bikinis, music […]

Interview: David Ramirez on ‘Apologies’ and growing as a songwriter

David Ramirez

Local singer-songwriter David Ramirez tells Austin Vida about his new album, Apologies. “I used to wait to be inspired before I sat down, but I’ve since grown past that and learned that if I’m going to call myself a writer I’m gonna write every day,” he says.

Watch: Gustavo Galindo interview, presented by Austin Vida & Blastro2

The Pachanga Latino Music Festival 2012 was swarming with talent, both new and familiar. This year I had the pleasure of talking to Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Gustavo Galindo before his set. Galindo’s shared the bill with the likes of Zoé, Kinky, Ximena Sariñana, Natalia Lafourcade and more. He’s also played South by Southwest before and […]

Manu Chao-produced Malian hip-hop group SMOD releases North American debut

Malian group SMOD has been active for over a decade. They’re already known in Europe for their hip-hop, mixed with blues and folk with French lyrics of political inequality and corruption. Even though they’ve released three albums since 2000, their latest self-titled full length is considered their U.S. debut. SMOD (Nacional Records) was produced by […]

Watch: Ana Tijoux interview, presented by Austin Vida & Blastro2

Nacional Records recording artist Ana Tijoux is a Chilean rapper who took this year’s Pachanga Fest by storm. Tijoux was born in France to a French mother and a Chilean father in political exile during Pinochet’s dictatorship. After the return to democracy, the family moved to Chile. She found a home in the emerging hip-hop […]