Movie Review: ‘Las Marimbas del Infierno’

Despite the still and saddening plot, and the steady and wise eyes of Don Alfonso, a poor delivery man in Guatemala, Marimbas del Infierno, written and directed by Julio Hernandez Cordon, will inevitably make you laugh with it’s subtle humor. Threatened by a dangerous gang in Guatemala, Don Alfonso had to hide his family, and […]

Movie Review: ‘También la lluvia’

Icíar Bollaín brilliantly illustrates an array of issues that span from centuries of conquest to modern day imperialism. The Spanish film, También la lluvia, written by Scottish script writer Paul Laverty, encompasses the concept of indigenous heroism and rebellion against what is unjust, the value of creating art, politics and the exploitation of the impoverished […]

A Look Back at Carnaval Brasileiro 2011

The heavy beats of samba contagiously flooded thousands of people in the arena with a rhythmic, heavy beat. Carnaval Brasileiro 2011 inspired thousands of Brazilians, samba enthusiasts, freaks, lovers, dancers, and anyone just looking for an unforgettable time to dress up and participate in an evening of never-ending dancing, Brazilian pride, and shameless debauchery. The […]

Interview: The folky and philanthropic Gina Chavez

The Spanish culture runs deep in the heart of Texas and Latin-folk singer/songwriter Gina Chavez is taking it all in. Despite her Mexican blood, Chavez claims she grew up a “gringa” in Austin, Texas. However, Chavez proves that she has grown otherwise with her passionate interest in the Latin culture and community. With a few […]