Books: ‘Gringo’ by Chesa Boudin

By all accounts, Chesa Boudin’s family life provided a great deal of experience. Well, technically, it was his family’s experience, but nonetheless, his life was shaped because of it. His parents, Katherine Boudin and David Gilbert are involved parents, as involved as parents can be as inmates in the New York State prison system. As […]

Dining: Maria Maria a fresh, elegant entry into Mexican cuisine scene

Photo by Mari Hernandez Among all the Mexican restaurants in Austin, you come to expect the standards: chips and salsa, rice, beans, enchiladas, fajitas and frosty margaritas. So when Carlos Santana opens up a Mexican restaurant, what can you expect? Austinites have been tasting the results since his Maria Maria restaurant opened in the Warehouse […]

Interview: Ozomatli plays Travis High School

For people into the Latin music scene, you mention the band Ozomatli and you can stop there. The group has been packing venues for years, and their most recent visit to Austin in November was no different, well almost. This time around the Grammy Award winning band set up stage in the gym of south […]

Books: ‘Edgar Hernandez: An American Hero’ by Jose Martinez and Megan Rellahan

It’s an experience a growing number of men and women enlisted today share. The deployment to Iraq. But not all share the experience Edgar Hernandez had. Hernandez enlisted into the U.S. Army in 2003 and one month later found himself held captive for 21 days at one of Saddam Hussein’s  secret prisons. His personal account […]

Books: ‘Mexican WhiteBoy’ by Matt de la Peña

It could be said that we spend most of our lives running away from the memories of our awkward teen years only to wake up one day and realize we’ve completely forgotten how it is to live life as a teen. Throw in life in a poor neighborhood in San Diego, divorced parents and a […]

Column: Whataburger heartbreak, an open letter

Dear Whataburger, I’ve always thought of you as part of the family. I mean you’ve been around since 1950. My parents were mere teenagers when your first stand came up in Corpus Christi. So, what happened? Now you’re leaving, closing the doors of your nondescript headquarters on Staples Street. As reported by the Corpus Christi […]

Interview: Tanya Martinez of Bocastria

My interview with singer Tanya Martinez started out interesting. I met up with her at Ruta Maya on South Congress, a normally quiet coffee shop in South Austin. But that weekday night, a band set up shop and we found ourselves finding quiet within the confines of my car. Tanya laughs easily and didn’t mind […]