Watch: Sour Soul video interview

This time last year, we were combing through the Do512 listings, as we like to do, looking for Latino music and events we may have missed. We saw a Beauty Bar listing mentioning a band from Mexico City, and that’s how we discovered Sour Soul. We went to the show that night and little did […]

A Look Back at Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group and Zechs Marquise

It’s a sad day when a music venue goes away, especially one as unique as the Seaholm Power Plant. The former City of Austin plant-turned-event-center recently hosted its final few concerts. One of those was a three-day event known as Psych Fest, which is exactly what it sounds like: a festival dedicated to psychedelic music. […]

Review: ‘Machete’ movie a gruesome good time

In its first five minutes Machete serves up five beheadings, a dozen gunshot victims, a couple of severed limbs, a car crashing through a wall, and a beautiful naked woman stabbing someone then getting shot in the head herself. Oh, and Steven Seagal. None of this is playfully teased off camera like most Hollywood action […]

Comedian Q&A: Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia is a polarizing figure. Over the course of a 22-year career, the California-based comedian has thrived on a confrontational, ripped-from-the-headlines style of humor that takes swipes at everything from immigration to ethnic identity to celebrity. He has offended many along the way, and arguably endeared many more, with hit comedy specials on Comedy […]

Review: Maneja Beto concert at Mohawk

Last night may have been the end of an era. Maneja Beto played a going-away show for their lead singer, Alex Chavez. While not officially broken up, Maneja Beto won’t be playing without Chavez, who took a position at the University of Notre Dame. “What will you be doing, mopping floors?” Brandon Badillo of Bemba […]

Alan Palomo, the mind behind Neon Indian and VEGA

For those who follow the latest trends and “it” bands in the indie rock scene, Neon Indian kinda came out of nowhere as the hyped band of 2009. The lo-fi dance-rock quartet’s songs “Deadbeat Summer” and “Terminally Chill” were summer dance anthems for those who read hipster blogs and tastemaker websites like Gorilla Vs. Bear and Pitchfork. The Brooklyn-based […]

Meet Brian Lopez; Mostly Bears, with a side of mambo and melancholy

Brian Lopez. You may not be familiar with the name yet, but you will be sooner rather than later. The Tucson, Arizona, native plays guitar and sings for three very different but very intriguing musical projects that should be on your radar if you’re a fan of indie rock or Latin music. It started with […]

Este Vato stands out by being themselves

It sounds like a weird reality TV show premise: What happens when you mix a metal guitarist, an acoustic singer/songwriter, a hip-hop emcee, a jazzy drummer, an alt-rock bassist and a psychedelic turntablist? What you get is the band Este Vato. What connects them is their love of Latin music and their belief in spreading […]

Piñata Protest’s Álvaro del Norte has a plethora of talent

Piñata Protest frontman Álvaro del Norte embodies punk rock’s do-it-yourself spirit, enrolling himself in accordion classes after he couldn’t find an accordion player in San Antonio who wanted to play in his punk rock band. Del Norte had a vision for a band that broke from the traditional punk sound, ironically enough, by incorporating the traditional norteño […]

Salsa legend Larry Harlow going strong at age 71

Larry Harlow is a living legend. Depending on your musical tastes, that statement is either obnoxiously obvious or total news to you. The salsa pianist known as El Judio Maravilloso (“the marvelous Jew”) grew up in New York and was a pioneer of salsa music in the ’70s, along with his Fania Records cohort. Harlow […]