Money Chicha “A Patricia” [live]

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Todd P talks MtyMx, an indie music fest in Mexico

New York-based, Austin-bred concert promoter Todd Patrick (known to the business as Todd P) has been to enough South by Southwests. They were sorta cool at first. Then the mission lost purpose and an idealist occurrence yielded to a neon industry conference defined by traffic, followers, lazy performances, etc. Todd P hijacked momentum where possible, […]

La Peña has heart… several of them

At the risk of recalling press releases for their traditionally blind enthusiasm towards recurring happenstances that are, truthfully, lacking in angle and scoop, I’ll go there: Saturday’s “Toma Mi Corazon” is a vital community staple, an admirable cause and should—you know—totally be checked out. “Corazon” is an annual silent auction fundraiser held in La Peña’s downtown […]

Mi Casa es su casa; Sixth Street’s newest cantina aims to be a Latino hotspot

Some moves are obvious to insulting extremes. Some trains of thought are so linear and clear it’s miraculous others haven’t ridden them before. Take Mi Casa Cantina on Sixth Street: Texas has lots of Mexican-Americans; its capital city even more Mexican-Americans who enjoy congregating downtown for an occasional cocktail, in addition to a dense population of 18 to […]

Column: NFL’s Sanchez an unlikely hero south of the border

It’s January of 2009 and I’m in Mexico City, watching the Titans and Ravens in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. There’s no scrambling to find a signal, no congregating at a fringe bar with other football fans like those Coke commercials wherein a Notre Dame backer wakes up in the middle of the […]

Petra’s Pecado, Austin’s darkly comedic bilingual musical

I was on the cusp of typing this out in Spanglish, as a nod to the hilarious, sharp, quick-paced run of Petra’s Pecado enjoying another warm reception at the Salvage Vanguard Theater. Besides a series of egregious grammatical errors, employing the work’s bilingual back-and-forth backbone would ultimately diminish its core principal of inclusion through common […]

An unusual suspect: Chief Acevedo to perform in Nutcracker ballet

“I know.” The exhausted stamp of acceptance from anyone that’s had to miss the big game. There are comparable occurrences applicable to every pastime; life standing in the way of otherwise unwinding days off. Out of town uncles to tend to. Requisite shopping. Working late. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is at the office late […]