Interview: The ‘movimiento’ of Austin’s Vitera

People take notice when Vitera takes the stage, sometimes as early as soundcheck. But it’s not always the band they notice; it’s the small string instrument that sits on its stand and resembles a miniature Flying V guitar. “People will ask me, too, is that a little mandolin? No, it’s a violin,” said Haydn Vitera, […]

Preview: Movimiento Rockero July Showcase at Ruta Maya

Looking for some good Rock en Español or Latin Alternative in Austin but don’t know where to find it? If so, look no further than Ruta Maya on Thursday night as three of Austin’s best bands take the stage for the July installment of Movimiento Rockero showcase. Vitera opens the show with their blend of […]

Monterrey’s Rubik rocks and raises profile

México pop-rockers Rubik got their name from the popular ‘80s toy cube, appropriate because each band member represents a color—a vital influence that helps their music come together. They are from my hometown of Monterrey and they’ve been together for seven years. Their success has been escalating in that time. After playing in Monterrey venues like […]

Watch: “La Novedad” music video by Kalua

La Novedad – Kalua from KALUA on Vimeo. Austin’s own Rock En Espanol group, Kalua, just launched their new video for their single “La Novedad”. The video is directed by Smack from Austin’s Dirty Wormz. Smack directed previous videos for the Kalua guys and they seemed to have taken a liking to his style. It […]

Calendar of Latino Music Month events

May is Latino Music Month. The good folks at the Austin Latino Music Association, or ALMA, have provided all of us with not only a full calendar of events, but some great showcases throughout the month of May. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Austin Music Mezcla: The Sound is Brown 2009 at […]

Review: Kalua at Beso Cantina

Thursday night Austin based rock en espanol band, Kalua, made the best of the situation they were given. They were supposed to play with Austin rock favorite, Vallejo, at Pangaea for the Pangaea Live! series. After Vallejo’s lead singer, AJ Vallejo, suffered a mild heart attack Wednesday, the show at Pangaea was obviously canceled. If […]

Review: ‘La Novedad’ album by Kalua

Rock en Espanol in Austin has a new voice and youthful energy with Kalua’s debut album, La Novedad. What’s hidden in that youthful energy is an old spirit that summons the old Mariachi classics of our abuelos. Every song is passionately sung in Spanish, the native tongue of all four Kalua members.The title track, “La […]

Interview: Meet Kalua, Austin’s young rock en español band

Kalua has been playing music in Austin since Austin Vida’s first show in 2007. I got the chance to sit down with drummer Andres Delgado and lead singer/guitarist Juan Diaz to talk about their new album, a new video, Led Zeppelin, Latin music in Austin, The World Cup and heavy metal. What’s the meaning behind […]

Review: ‘Texicana’ album by Bocastria

Texicana is an album that could only have come from a Texas band. Bocastria’s unique mixture of influences, which include everything from rock en Espanol to Tejano, make Texicana an interesting listen. You’ll hear everything from melodic guitar hooks, edgy vocals, soft harmonies, keys and percussions. It is tough to really pinpoint what genre of […]

Interview: Tanya Martinez of Bocastria

My interview with singer Tanya Martinez started out interesting. I met up with her at Ruta Maya on South Congress, a normally quiet coffee shop in South Austin. But that weekday night, a band set up shop and we found ourselves finding quiet within the confines of my car. Tanya laughs easily and didn’t mind […]