[12/21] Preview: Peligrosa 5 year anniversary party at Holy Mountain

Tonight Peligrosa will be celebrating their five year anniversary at recently opened Holy Mountain, formerly Beauty Bar. For five years the Austin-based Latin DJ collective have helped define the Latin music scene here in the Live Music Capital. They are emblematic of the new wave of Latinos in the U.S. and especially here in Austin, […]

[11/16] Preview: Peligrosa featuring Shawn Reynaldo at Red 7

On Friday, November 16, it is time again for the biggest and baddest Latin DJ crew take over Red 7. Peligrosa’s monthly residency is known as one of the best Latin dance parties in the country. Peligrosa spins the best music from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with an electronic twist. Led by DJ […]

[10/31] Preview: Halloween with Peligrosa at Frank

Austin live music venue and restaurant Frank is one of our favorite places to eat, drink and enjoy live music. For Halloween Wednesday night, the purveyor of the artisan sausage here in The Live Music Capital is playing host to Peligrosa. It is going to be a costume party with a Latino twist. The Latin […]

[10/19] Preview: Peligrosa & Mixpak at Red 7

It is that time again you heepsters and electro-cumbia lovers. Austin’s biggest and baddest Latin DJ Collective, Peligrosa, is throwing their monthly party at Red 7 on Friday, October 19. Dance to the best music from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with an electronic twist. Led by DJ Orion, Peligrosa is Manolo Black, DJ […]

[10/5] Preview: Peligrosa All-Stars with Bombón at Frontier Bar

On Friday, October 5, Peligrosa returns to Frontier Bar for a Latin tropical (pronounced tro-pee-khal) throw down. Known for the biggest Latin electronic dance parties in Austin, Peligrosa always brings the best of electro-cumbia, tropical, moombahton, salsa and hip hop. While Peligrosa is made up of multiple DJs and a photographer, only members Pagame and […]

[9/21] Preview: Peligrosa with Money Chicha at Red 7

Peligrosa is an Austin-based DJ collective known for throwing the biggest and baddest Latin-themed electronic dance parties. Their new monthly residency at Red 7 is the place to dance to the best music from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with an electronic twist. Led by DJ Orion, Peligrosa is Hobo D, Manolo Black, DJ […]

[8/31] Preview: Peligrosa at Frontier Bar

The Austin-based Latin DJ collective Peligrosa is hitting the east side once again Friday at Frontier Bar. The relatively new destination bar opened doors in July 2011 and has made its imprint on the local music scene with everything from free shows to giant water slides. We also remember something about a giant dragon. Not […]

[8/17] Preview: “Moombahton Massive” with Peligrosa at Red 7

Los Angeles-based (Washington D.C. born) DJ and producer David Villeagas, more known by his DJ name “Dave Nada,” is known as the founder of the relatively new electronic music genre “Moombahton.” Essentially a mix of Dutch House and reggaeton, Moombahton is one of the country’s hottest electronic-based genres right now. Locally the genre has been […]

Austin Ticket Giveaway: Outernational at Lambert’s

New York City-based Outernational is one of those rare bands that come around once every few years that makes music that truly crosses borders and musical genres. Their sound is an eclectic mix of The Clash-style punk rock with a little Gogol Bordello swagger. Add some socially conscious lyrics and you have the self-branded “future […]