Download: “Brinca Tu Y Brinco Yo” mp3 by Arthur Yoria

Arthur Yoria has a split personality as a songwriter. On one hand, he has his electro-influenced English language songs with over-the-top provocative lyrics about sexual matters and violent outbursts (the newly released “I’m Gonna Take a Swing at Your Head With an Aluminum Bat” comes to mind). Then there’s the gentler, softer Yoria who sings […]

Download: ‘Thank You’ EP by Arthur Yoria

Have you ever been at a coffee shop and seen a squeaky clean singer-songwriter rhyming “love” and “up above” and generally being unrealistically sappy? Then you wonder, “What is this guy really thinking?” What if he just got sick of pandering and started using his gorgeous guitar chords and soothing voice to sing about his neuroses and […]

Download: “Dina’s Mambo” mp3 by Bio Ritmo

Twenty years ago, an unlikely trio of two Puerto Rican’s and a punk rock drummer came together to form a percussion ensemble that eventually became a 10-member salsa band: Bio Ritmo. What started in Richmond is far from the typical salsa music heard. The member’s different backgrounds all add to the unconventional indie style salsa […]

Download: “Miami” mp3 by Husky

In the short time Monterrey band Husky has been active, they’ve managed to score quite a few big-time deals. The band of regios, whose sound falls under bubblegum rock, have been busy touring México, succeeding in creating a passionate and loyal following. They have already played NRMAL FEST and have opened for English band Mystery […]

Download: “Hits Me Like a Rock” mp3 by CSS

The Brazilian band, Cansei de Ser Sexy, better known as CSS, has been hard at work since 2003 making people sweat the night away. The quintet has yet to become tired of being sexy, like their name suggests, as they continue to deliver dance-punk beats fused with naughty lyrics. Just this year, their irresistible energy […]

Download: “Corro” mp3 by Fernanda Ulíbarri

Hailing from Mexico City, Fernanda Ulíbarri, a pop alternative singer, has come far since she graduated from Berklee College. It was in New York where the electro-pop band, Uli and The Gringos, was born. She soon found doors opening for her in Los Angeles, where she was invited to tour with Julieta Venegas in 2008. […]

Download: “Esclavo y Amo” mp3 by The Echocentrics

After helping jump start Ocote Soul Sounds and Brownout!, producer Adrian Quesada, is back with his latest project. Better known as a member of the Grammy nominated Grupo Fantasma, Quesada has created the Echocentrics, a psychedelic Latin funk soul band. The Austin-based group played at South by Southwest and the Pachanga Latino Music Festival this […]

MP3: “As Long As You Like” by Afrobeta

Afrobeta was created by Cuci Amador and Smurphio in 2006. The Miami based dance music duo have broken out with an undeniable sound that combines funky synths, head-bopping basslines, electro house, bilingual lyrics and plenty of attitude. In addition to performing the LAMC, Afrobeta have performed at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts and […]

Download: “Esta Noche” by Momposónica

Mompósonica is a four-piece Latino pop-rock en Español band from Englewood, New Jersey. Named after Colombian singer and  preservationist, Totó la Momposina, the group consists of three Colombians: Mauricio (bass), David (drums) and Felipe (guitar). Lead singer, Carolina, is El Salvadorian. The group is currently working on a new album and is offering their first […]

Preview: Bombasta & Huerta Culture with Hardproof Afrobeat at Flamingo Cantina

Saturday nights were made for letting loose, dancing and having a good time. For fans of Latin music in Austin looking to let loose this weekend, Flamingo Cantina is the place to be Saturday night as three of the region’s best “big bands” take the stage. Be ready to come early and stay late as […]