Adrian Quesada releases official statement about his Grupo Fantasma departure

Austin-based musician and producer Adrian Quesada took everyone by surprise this weekend at Pachanga Fest when he let everyone know he would be leaving Grupo Fantasma. My crew and I were so busy and tired from running around Fiesta Gardens all day that I could have sworn I was hallucinating. Grupo with no Adrian Quesada? […]

[4/24] Preview: Money Chicha and Sherik at Holy Mountain

Looking for Latin music this Wednesday? Look no further as Red River hot spot Holy Mountain plays host to Austin’s first and coolest chicha group, Money Chicha. Their music pays homage to the musical and cultural movement of the ’60s and ’70s found in Peru and Colombia, but with a psychedelic twist. A “super group” […]

[1/12] Preview: Money Chicha, Como Las Movies and Roxy Roca at Holy Mountain

Free Week comes to a close this weekend. While we at Austin Vida are done with our own Free Week showcases, there is one more “must see” showcase for Latin music lovers on Saturday, January 12, at Holy Mountain. Rest up and arrange for your baby sitters now as you don’t want to miss this […]

[11/29] Preview: Money Chicha & Hard Proof Afrobeat at Sahara Lounge

Thursdays are the unofficial start to the weekend in Austin. With everything going tonight, we wanted to spotlight a great local showcase happening at The Sahara Lounge with two of Austin’s best local bands. The popular east Austin neighborhood lounge will feature an eclectic live music showcase consisting of some of the funkiest world rhythms […]

[9/21] Preview: Peligrosa with Money Chicha at Red 7

Peligrosa is an Austin-based DJ collective known for throwing the biggest and baddest Latin-themed electronic dance parties. Their new monthly residency at Red 7 is the place to dance to the best music from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with an electronic twist. Led by DJ Orion, Peligrosa is Hobo D, Manolo Black, DJ […]