[5/9] Preview: Los Master Plus, King Louie at Volstead

The official and unofficial pre-parties for this weekend’s big Pachanga Latino Music Festival are in full effect Friday, May 9. While the official pre-paty happens at Empire Control Rook & Garage downtown, the unofficial pre-pachanga events take place east of the highway. They are worth a look for Latin Alternative fans, specifically the Los Master […]

[6/21] Preview: Peligrosa at Empire Control Room & Garage

Austin-based Latin DJ collective Peligrosa have not thrown down together since South By Southwest in March. For most of this year, the crew has been grindin’ it out in the studio and performing with side projects or individually. Tonight that changes as five Peligrosa members will be spinning at the newly re-opened Empire Control Room […]

[10/6] Preview: Royal Highness ‘Screwmbia’ EP release party at Plush

Royal Highness is collaboration between Peligrosa DJ King Louie (Luis Espada) and Corpus Christie producer Principe CU (Svani Quintanilla- Selena’s nephew). The two met through a mutual friend down in Corpus Christie, DJ Dus, also of Peligrosa fame. Though the two have opposite personalities, King Louie being the outgoing one, they meshed to form the […]