Movie Review: ‘Dos Hermanos’

Dos Hermanos is a quiet but brilliant film. By “quiet,” I don’t mean the movie itself is. The movie is, in fact, everything but quiet. It’s loud with personality, with beautiful music and complicated truths told in the simplest form. But it’s seemingly quiet, mainly because like myself, many are bound to underestimate it. Dos […]

Movie Review: ‘Miss Tacuarembó’

Based on the Dani Umpi novel of the same name, Miss Tacuarembó tells the classic story of a small town girl with big, Hollywood dreams. But in the tiny, freakishly religious Uruguayan town of Tacuarembó, these dreams are simply unacceptable. The story of Natalia (Natalia Oreiro) begins when she receives a TV set for her […]

Interview: Ximena Sariñana is México’s next crossover star

It was a year ago at Stubb’s when I first saw Ximena Sariñana perform. Growing up in México, I knew her as an actress and I was aware that her first record, Mediocre, had been a success. But I didn’t expect to show up at Stubb’s and find a line of people that went around […]

Interview: The creative genius that is Mexican Institute of Sound

Camilo Lara, also known as Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.), does not like taking things slowly. Very much like his music, Lara is a mix of many worlds. The Mexico City-based producer and DJ has joined the Nacional Records family, has three full-length albums and two EP’s to call his own, plus outside projects like […]

Review: ‘Ponchototal’ by Poncho

Ponchototal confuses me. Nacional Records usually takes excellent talent under its wing. But in this case, I just don’t see it. Listening to stuff like Ponchototal reminds me how unfair album reviews are, because really, everything comes down to taste. And Argentine band Poncho’s debut album is definitely not my taste. Poncho is a new […]

Review: Fashion Freakout Four at Mohawk

Matt Bearden as a Penguin

Photo by Mari Hernandez “The show must go on.” That’s what greeted me Friday when I woke up, cold and a bit hung over, and opened up my Facebook inbox. The team behind Fashion Freakout was well aware that even though Texas had panicked with half an inch of snow, there was still an exceptional […]

Review: Davíd Garza, Amy Cook at Lamberts

Many things were going on Thursday, Jan. 20. It was my grandmother’s birthday. It was my boyfriend and mine’s monthaversary (yes, I went there). It was the beginning of the first weekend of my junior spring semester. But most importantly, it was very, very cold. At least for me and Texas. In spite of the […]

Review: ‘Chocolate’ album by Madame Récamier

There’s a reason radio has such extremist response. Some people love it because they play the same music—and a certain kind of music, at that—24/7. Others hate it, for the exact same reason. I suspect Mexican singer Gina Récamier, also known as Madame Récamier, is gonna get a LOT of radio time for her debut […]

Review: ‘Getting Down From The Trees’ album by Polock

While listening to Polock’s debut album, Getting Down From the Trees, I instantly wondered how many people were going to listen to this album and believe Polock is an American band playing American music. This Spanish group proves that even now, cultural barriers exist in the music world: When listening to something done in the […]

Review: ‘Pop Negro’ album by El Guincho

Pablo Díaz-Reixa, known most popularly as El Guincho, once again proves in his latest album Pop Negro that he’s a lover of music. His passion is evident in this inspiring collection of melodies and beats that hold the perfect balance between easy and hallucinatory. I was thinking of a way to describe this album, and […]