Peligrosa crew’s DJ Orion is ‘puro exitos’

Orion Garcia, member of the Peligrosa DJ collective, chose Sesame Street’s Bert as his avatar during Facebook’s Doppelganger Week, presumably because he also has a thick, dark unibrow. He and the rest of the Peligrosa DJs—Hobo D, Manolo Black and DJ Dus—are becoming a downtown Austin staple, spinning at least four times a week, separately […]

Review: ‘Sonidos de hoy y siempre’ album by Mexican Dubwiser

The words “Mexican Dubwiser” reminds us of our stints as bartenders, when we were canned for creating delicious and inventive beverages during slow shifts—drinking them until we couldn’t see straight might have had something to do with being fired, but still. We used to dust beer bottles with salt, and then jam limes in at […]

Photos: Carnaval Austin 2010

Austin’s Carnaval Brasiliero was full of naked boobies—excuse us for noticing. The yearly Brazilian festival took place at the Palmer Events Center on a cold night, but that didn’t put a damper on skimpy outfits. Sequins and feathers were the rule, not the exception at this event where men and women showed off their costuming […]

Review: ‘El Arte De La Elegancia del LFC’ album by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs have been together since before I was born. That’s 20-plus years the Argentinian band has spent writing rock/ska/new wave/funk, performing around the world, collecting Grammys, and collaborating with icons such as Celia Cruz and Debbie Harry. A six-year hiatus for the group interrupted their musical output until shortly after the death of […]

DJ profile: Taste the flavor of DJ Chorizo Funk

The hip hop and Latin flavor found in DJ Chorizo Funk’s musical style is 10 years in the making, beginning with his move to Austin. “When I came to Austin was the first time I heard DJs performing live,” explains Eddie Campos. “[Hip hop] really caught my ear. People like DJ Mel, DJ Baby G. […]

Review: ‘Analog Drift: Muy?.?.?. ?Esniqui’ by Chico Mann

Chico Mann’s latest album, Analog Drift: Muy?.?.?. ?Esniqui, is straight from the ’70s, but better. Using his Casio keyboard, drum machines, synths and other live instruments, Chico Mann refreshes the decade with his own Afro-freestlye or electro-afrobeat sound. Leisure suits are optional, but the atmosphere Mann re-imagines is relaxed, bilingual, sometimes tropical and certainly playful. […]

Mexicans with Guns on the dance floor

San Antonio family man Ernest Gonzalez gets ready for work in ho-hum fashion, donning dark slacks, white dress shirt, and charcoal-gray vest to match his trousers. His polished shoes complement his straight necktie. Lastly, the performer in Gonzalez rears his head and tugs on a red luchador mask to emerge as the ghetto tech DJ […]

Review: ‘Oro’ album by Palenke Soultribe

We’ve never been to a Colombian carnival but we’re very interested in Palenke Soultribe’s interpretation of the festivals, which they say is their ultimate musical goal. Soultribe’s latest album, Oro, uses electronica to re-create the sound of their homeland, Colombia. The results are electronically produced tropical and afro Colombian rhythms in progressive, break beat, techno […]

Review: ‘ZZK Sound Vol. 2’ album by Zizek

Zizek’s latest album asks dub, electro, techno, break beat and ambient fans to cumbia together. This unexpected cross-genre exploration actually sounds pretty good. (Think Samim’s Heater with less accordian and more cumbia.) The album is also a product of a global dj and production collective based in Buenos Aires, where the “experimental cumbia scene” brought […]